This is why you should shoot Project # 365

This is why you should shoot Project # 365

Some people will say it’s stressful and unnecessary. I say, it’s a challenge. And that challenge is always good. Especially in this case.
Project 365 is a project where you take a photo every day for 365 days.
Why do it to yourself? It will do wonders for you.

How to start Project 365?

It’s really, really simple. The answer is – decide to start the project.
You don’t have to choose a topic, but there are some who choose.
Self-photography, animals, nature, family, location, developmental documentation.
But keep in mind, that the subject is not the point of this project. The main thing is to take pictures every day no matter what.

#95 Some photos will be boring, and some photos will remind you of wonderful days.

Project Goal

The project is actually used by the photographer for training. The goal is to take pictures every day, to practice.
And it’s not as simple as it sounds. And the early days are the easiest. But like everything else in life, the hard part is perseverance.
And whoever manages to keep up with it, yields the fruits.

#123 Family photos that would not have been taken if not through this project.

What does it give me?

Oh. Lots.
As the days go by, a gallery is created. A gallery that we didn’t plan.
Especially when not choosing a specific topic for the project, and just taking pictures for fun. The eye and heart are pulling in a certain direction,
And we start to notice repetitive parameters.
With time and training, we cultivate our style. Our unique photography style is taking shape.

#87 Everywhere Every Hour, Take a Camera.

Tips for a successful 365 project

  • Even if you stopped for a few days, come back, nothing happened.
  • Choose an online platform and upload your photos. (Instagram, Story, Facebook, Website) This will help you look at your style and see the overall result.
  • Don’t be afraid to share, criticism is also part of the process.
  • If you remembered you didn’t take a photo the day before, take a photo in the morning, and challenge yourself to take photos twice that day. The main thing is to stay aware and keep practicing.
  • It doesn’t matter what camera you use; Your phone, Phuket camera, digital, film, professional or not. The main thing is to take pictures!
  • Edit your photos. This will give you self-contemplation time for your work.
  • Okay I’ll say the cliché… Enjoy it.
    While this is a challenge and it has a final “deadline” (365 days). the idea is to put photography into your daily routine.
    Good luck 🙂

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