What is the cheapest and best way to create a logo?

What is the cheapest and best way to create a logo?

It’s a world where everyone needs a logo. Whether you have a business, or you’re a brand yourself, or you’re investing in a hobby. Here are 4 ways to create a logo- from the most expensive to the cheapest.

The most expensive

Take a local designer, with experience, successful, you have seen his works and you love it. The benefits are obvious, but it’s not certain that the advantages are better than the disadvantages in this case. Especially if you are a small business or a beginner. It will be expensive, the process will take longer, and it is not certain that such an investment is worth the money at the moment. Maybe at a different time and place, that’s how I felt at first. But, if you feel more cohesive with yourself, willing to spend the money to get a high-level result, go for it.

The average

Take a design student and hope it will go smoothly.No experience but has potential, although it is not expensive but feels like a gamble. I tried several times to start working with students, and despite the low price, I did not go for it. The portfolio is filled with general projects of the college, the price offer is not very clear, and in most cases, there is no real work contract.

Cheapest and available

Fiverr, and those who do not know, Welcome. A new world has opened.
Fiverr website offers hundreds of professionals online at all levels, in all styles, at all prices and all that is left is just to choose. I have often used the services offered there and the experience has always been excellent. The correspondence with the seller is simple, it is detailed exactly what you get for the price, there are upgrade options and packages, and the deadline is usually very fast (one to several days, depending on your choice). For those who have never used this service, it can sound a little strange that everything is online. But when you need to get sh * t done, and you do not want to spend a lot of money for small design jobs for your business – this is exactly the perfect place and the price starts from $ 5 to the budget of your choice and that’s all the beauty.
Once you try, you will mark ‘done’ on a lot of your to-do list.

Cheap and simple

The first place I designed a logo – the logo Makers!If you Google you will discover quite a few sites to create a logo. So to make things more simple for you, I made a list of the best and most important, the easiest websites, to create your own logo! The choice is much easier when you see how it will look at the end!

A simple editing platform.
For those who like to play around with editing, it’s just like Photoshop. You write the text, pick the font and color. Choose the logo, location, size, and ratio. And there are also informative videos!

For those who like to see the finished product on paper.
Your only job here is to write your business name, and the final result will appear. How it will look on a business card, letters, and other accessories. The choice is much easier when you see the finished look!

Here, too, the final result of the logo is presented to you, and it is organized by categories!
Select the category for your business, choose the logo you like the most, fill in the business name and slogan (if you have one). And you’re really close to finishing. You can select the font, color, size, and more.

The considerations in creating a logo depend primarily on budget, time, patience, and how much you want to invest in the final product. The online world has opened up many possibilities, and the way to try them is simple and cost-effective, making it the most convenient and cost-effective choice. There are no big risks, it’s fast, accessible and most important – does not drain your energy with time and effort.

Good luck!

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