How to be different from any other photographer and put your character into your work

How to be different from any other photographer and put your character into your work

Even if you take the same model, the same lighting, the same location, and ten different professional photographers – each one of them will photograph a different picture.
Why? Because they know the tools and they use them to their intentions.

There is something common for beginner photographers:
The first look where they see what is happening.

For example, my mother sitting on the balcony:

This photo is my first look.

What does it mean?
Once I noticed my mom, that’s exactly what I saw, and that’s exactly what I photographed when I looked through the lens for the first time.

Now I have a question for you,
Does this photo do something to you?
Do you manage to feel what I felt at that moment?
What were we talking about a few moments ago?

I can say for sure not.
Because I know that the moment I photographed, I felt it was not it.
It didn’t convey what I wanted, what I felt.

But after applying the five points I’m about to show you,

My second picture already looked like this:

It took me many years to find my style, to know what I want and to know how to apply it.
To put out what I have in mind as a vision, and what I have in my heart that wants to be expressed, and bring it to life in photography.

And how do I do that?
Through attention to the small details.

5 points to pay attention in order to turn a ‘first look’ photo into ‘internal look’ photo:

1. Position of the object
Position your object in the most precise posture and precise position for your feeling.

2. The angle of the photograph
Choose your photo angle: from the bottom, up, or the height of the poor.

3. The focus point
Break the rules, your focus point doesn’t have to be on the eyes.

4. Model guidance
Be active and direct your model.

5. Color
Get into the styling role and master the color editing before you get to the computer work.

Want to know exactly what I did? What did I go through to get from the first photo to the second?
And how can you do exactly the same thing?
From regular photography at first sight to photography from an internal perspective that will illustrate and convey to anyone looking at you image, exactly what you felt, the way you looked at the subject, and the feeling you wanted to convey.

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