Did you get bad criticism? This is what you need to do with it.

Did you get bad criticism? This is what you need to do with it.

We constantly face environmental criticism. But when it comes to our creation, we are particularly sensitive.
I’ve noticed that over the years I’ve been photographing, I mostly received two types of reviews that you probably are familiar with. One builds, the other destroys.

What is constructive criticism

Constructive criticism is usually positive and rich in compliments, and in the end there are one or more notes for improvement.
Generally, we respond well to such criticisms, although they have an improvement note. We understand that it is in our favor, and there are not too many problems.

But what happens when you can’t tell constructive criticism?
I see a lot of people (and I admit that I was like that at the beginning) who, even when they received constructive criticism, chose to defense and ignored the entire criticism.
It’s worth remembering that reviews are a good thing. It helps us improve and become better in our field.

And sometimes, constructive criticism can seem like a bad criticism. Just because it was not formulated to our liking, or it hurt us.
In this situation, it’s better to remain patient. And despite what we are feeling, to try to be open to this opinion.
Maybe there is something in these words that can actually benefit us. Perhaps in the harsh words, there is a truth we did not expect to hear.

What is destructive criticism

Destructive criticism is sometimes easy to notice and sometimes not.
The obvious destructive criticism pinch right in the heart and makes us feel uncomfortable. But, it’s worth stopping and checking that this is not constructive criticism in disguise.

Destructive criticism is usually negative and extinguishes us. It makes us want to give up and think we’re not good at what we do.
Thoughts like “why am I doing this” suddenly come up, and the photography we’ve already done seems less and less a good idea.

We should be very careful with such criticism! Pay attention quickly, and keep ourselves on the inside. Notice that this is an illusion.
That criticism does not really say the words that are heard in our ears. No matter who said it, if it turns off a work that’s been done from the heart. Work with passion, desire and investment – keep calm and stay confident in yourself.

Destructive criticism can also be quiet and profound.
Many years ago, a photographer I asked to learn from and work alongside, told me I was too skinny to hold photo equipment and he doesn’t think I can run a studio. He was smiling all the time and was very nice.
But he recognized a sensitive spot and chose to point it. He got nothing from it. Or maybe he did. Because it took me several years
to be confident and know that I can be a photographer despite my looks.

I don’t know why people try to take other people down. Maybe because they are afraid that they will do better than them?
I believe in encouragement. I believe that everyone has something to contribute to the world. That success of one person doesn’t take from another person’s success. There is room for everybody.
The only thing that can destroy us is us. Because I chose to take what he said and affect me. And he chose not to work with me as a second photographer and closed the studio after a few months.

Learn to differentiate between types of criticism

In conclusion,
There are criticisms worth listening to. They can point out something we wouldn’t otherwise notice.
But there are criticisms, that are better to shut your ears like a little kid and continue creating.

Good luck 🙂


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