Do you have an idea that is still in the drawer? Read this.

Do you have an idea that is still in the drawer? Read this.

It really doesn’t matter if you want to become a photographer or you’re already one. A Personal project is a seed of creativity, and It’s an open door to so many things you still don’t know about yourself.

Each project I did I’m proud of like a mother to a child. I’m proud not because it was the most amazing idea ever, I’m proud because I had an idea and I didn’t let it slip away.

“Strong Kids Club” Project

Recently I met a photographer who traveled the end of the world to make a photography project he was very interested in. When I asked him where can I see the photos I got a strange answer.
He told me he didn’t publish it. Then, he opened his personal google drive and show me his project.

He had an amazing story, and the photos were absolutely beautiful. The most exciting part was- He was the first photographer in the world who visited there. And yet, he had no urge to share it.

First thing I did was to try to convince him to share this amazing story and work to the world. But after a few moments, I started realizing something. Altho I’m all about sharing your art, we are so used to share online and show-off our photos, that I found something really honest about his instinct and choice.

From the moment the idea came to his mind, he did it all.

He researched and learn about the place and people, put time, money and effort to travel and explore. He was brave enough to go to a place that no photographer has ever been yet. Even the locals tried to convince him not to go there because it’s not a place where people usually go. It was far and dangerous. But he wanted too, so he did.

“Flower Boy” Personal project 2015

He fulfilled the full potential of his creativity and made it an adventure.
Sharing was not a part of it, doing was the main of it.

The subject of the Personal project and its outcome doesn’t really matter as long as it revives your desire and makes you do.
If you have any personal project in your mind, let it live, and it will make you live even more.

Good luck!

If you don’t share them to the world, share them with me and other photographers on our FB group. Would love to hear about your personal projects 🙂

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