Light Up The Room

The business world from the eyes of an artist

Hi, My name is Nesicha (Princess) Siani,
I’m an artist, photographer and a film maker.
Saying “I’m a photographer” took me 15 years,
and saying “I’m an artist” is still a work in progress.
I have a small business, big dreams and fears when it comes to the business world.
But at the same time, this world is intriguing and challenging and I love it.
So I decided to study it myself.
I started the blog “Light the Room” to share my journey
The confusion in marketing, the fear of sales, where to start and what to do.
Apart from my babbling, I will be hosting creators from different fields,
success and inspiration stories, and experts from all areas of business
who will help us artists,
understand better how to connect the art we create to an independent successful business.
I aim this blog to be a place to discuss, share and consult,
to ask the questions you never dared to ask
and to solve problems you didn’t know how to solve.

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Interviews with creators

Interview with fashion photographer Ella Uzan

About the first few years in the business, fears, goals and tips for beginner photographers. Ella Uzan, a 35-year-old fashion photographer, was born in a small town called Netanya and today lives on the Israel-Germany line. The talent is clear, but what is more inspiring is her courage and the fulfillment of her dreams.

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First Post

A jump to the water with the first blog post – “Light Up The Room,” a documentation of the business world from the eyes of an artist. Hi, my name is Nesicha (Princess)…

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